What is

Biotope Science aims to create a bridge between the science and general public, actively involving aquarists in research of the local aquatic evironments.

In this way Biotope Scientists are:

  • working side by side with experts
  • contributing to the increase of scientific knowledge on biotopes
  • support local, national and international ecological issues
  • having the potential to influence policy-making

Who is

Public awareness and active involvement of the aquarists have an important role in contributing to the successful implementation of the biotope mapping worldwide. This context brings together aquarists, scientists and policy makers in an effort to document and monitor the conditions of aquatic habitats, their inhabitants, water quality and possible introduction of alien invasive species that cause damage to native species, ecosystems and even to people.

Everyone can become a biotope scientist no matter the occupation, age or location – all what is needed is a passion for Nature and the willingness to get involved.

Reasons to become a BIOTOPE SCIENTIST:

  • Helping to explore and to protect the native biodiversity
  • Making a contribution to the biotope science
  • Developing new skills
  • Enjoying outdoor time
  • And… It is fun!

needs You!

Are you the one who cares about what is happening in the aquatic environments nearby?

Did you ever explore the creeks, rivers, lakes in your surroundings?

If not, it is time to take an action and see what is there!

Take pictures above and below water! Check out what kind of the amazing creatures are swimming, crawling and thrive out there! And share your research with our BIOTOPE COMMUNITY!