Biotope Aquarium for Apistogramma sp.

Many of us wish to give our Apistogrammas the biotope correct aquarium. By using the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM App as visual and educational support it will be easy to learn about the natural habitat of our fishes and to have a practical guide with precise steps on how to re-create such a natural habitat in the aquarium, to give our fish the home where they will feel well and show their natural behaviour.

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Apistogramma sp. 1 from Igarapè Miguel, Rio Jari, Brazil. ©BAP, photo N.Khardina

Apistogramma sp. 1 from Igarapè Miguel, Rio Jari, Brazil. ©BAP, photo N.Khardina

Location of colletion

The Apistogramma sp. 1 and sp. 2 were collected by Heiko Bleher in the upper reaches of the Igarapè Miguel (location 6), Lago Jari, Brazil.

Water type, chemical parameters, temperature and biotope

In the Apistogramma habitat, full of leaves and branches, on 3.11.2007 at 16:00 the pH was  5.61; conductivity 14 µS/cm; water temperature 27.3 °C, water colour black; easily flowing through a light, sandy soil ground. There was no aquatic vegetation.


This dwarf cichlid were collected in the very shallow leafy shore regions where Heiko Bleher also found many small characoids such as Iguanodectes sp., Hyphessobrycon sp., Copella sp., Moenkhausia cf. colletti.

Aquarium set-up

Like many other Apistogramma sp., also this one is ideal for small aquariums and should be given a biotope correct decoration. Some driftwood, leafs and a small rocky cave, which is ideal for the egg disposal.