BIOTOPE AQUARUIM Project (BAp) – work in progress

Happy New Year 2019 to all Biotopers!
We are back after a long silence, due to our continuous work on the BAp (BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project), proud to share with you a few slides showing the dynamics and the work in progress.
It isn’t an easy task, you can bet!
We’re building the biggest Biotope Aquarium Database EVER created, thanks to the unique experiences of the Biotope in Nature (BIN) greatest explorer, Heiko Bleher.
Can you imagine that Heiko collected +10.000 Biotopes in Nature (BIN) in his +50 years experience?
And we are going to share it with you! Each of them could become a great Biotope Aquarium thanks to the BAp!
In the slides, you can see the preview of some our home page drafts.
A first release of the Biotope Driven Navigation Map, in addition to some detailed information about a specific location, the Ifanten Lake. Many more will come.
You can preview the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project description page.
Once again, it’s the first draft of a very complex project, that we are sure will be useful to each biotope aquarium lover!
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The BAp staff.