The CIPS 2018 ended last Sunday and was certainly the largest recent aquatic shows on earth, besides being the largest Asian pet Fair, almost like the world famous Interzoo in Germany.
Under the banner of our amazingly growing BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project me and my international collegues have been invited to judge at the 1st International Biotope Aquarium contest in China (CBAC).
I also had the privilege to decorate a 250x80x80 biotope correct aquarium for Hemigrammus bleheri (Rummy nose tetra).
The aquatic show of the exhibition took place in Hall 9.1, one of the 10 gigantic halls of CIPS 2018. Thousands visitors came to see the Biotope Contest co-sponsored by TROPICAL and Aquababie, and Aquascape Contest with very active Esther Mous from AquaFlora.
Many aquarists have confessed that they have decided to step into the biotope aquaristic and will definitely participate to the CBAC 2019. Next show is taking place in Shanghai on 18th November 2019.
Under the Biotope Aquarium contest, the 10 best were given amazing prices, beautifully sculptured trophies, next to many other presents and money prices.
The show was a great success! I see forward to the next Biotope Aquarium contest in Shanghai in 2019 and am sure that the biotope concept is booming as nowhere else on the globe. Everyone wants to do it!
On Monday October 1st, accompanied by young girls and boys, we went to a mountain creek, high up, where I found 10 species in tiny running water over rocks. These children have also found 2 species and learned so much in a single day.
What can one want more in life…
Heiko Bleher
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