Something new is coming!

BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project is working on a new event launch, unknown in the marine aquaristic world – the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Contest MARINE! Stay tuned!

Since the launch on 20 January 2021, the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project (BAP) team has been working hard to promote the concept of biotope among aquarists. The BAP Community has impressively grown: BAP-Map has doubled its users’ data entries, and the 2nd BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Contest is showing an increasing interest towards the conservation of aquatic habitats and conscious fishkeeping.

BAP team wishes to extend the contest activity to marine biotopes by organizing a totally new event, never seen before in the marine hobby – our new BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Contest Marine! We are collaborating with the most renowned marine scientists to define the geographical regions and contest categories related to the specific livestock: marine fishes, invertebrates and mollusks.

Such an event can only start and grow with YOUR SUPPORT. So, dear marine aquaristics fellows show us what you are made of – tell us more about your interests and the marine tanks you are so passionate about. Share this project with your friends: each voice is important to give a strong input to this new incredible marine adventure!

Say YES by participating in the BAC Marine poll and join the worldwide marine biotope community!

Our goal is to get our marine aquarium hobby as close as possible to its origins, the natural biotope. To be EDUCATED BY NATURE. Like the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project.

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