BAP collaboration with Heiko Bleher

Dear all,
we are sad to announce the hopefully temporary interruption of BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project’s (BAP) collaboration with Heiko Bleher, who’s energies are mainly dedicated to his private travels, to writing articles and books.

Bandar-Abbas, Iran. ©BAP, photo N. Khardina
Heiko Bleher enjoying smoking the shisha in Iran.

We are infinitely grateful for Heiko’s support during the Crowdfunding campaign in 2018 and his contribution to the project’s structural planning in the years 2019-2020.

BAP collaboration with Heiko Bleher
Heiko Bleher supporting BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project during the crowdfunding campaign in 2018.

And we intend, as initially established, to invest our passion in the development and enhancement of its private biotope archive, which constitutes the main asset donated to BAP by Heiko Bleher under an exclusive international legal license for communicational/commercial use already in 2017.

BAP Archive
BAP team is working hard to make Heiko Bleher’s archive available in digital format.

This enormous and unique archive containing photos and researches of aquatic habitats from over 200 countries can already be partially accessed through the exploratory tool called BAP-Map on the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project website.

BAP Map is the fastest and easiest way to locate your preferred biotope and to access the complete description of the BIOTOPE IN NATURE (BIN) and BIOTOPE AQUARIUM MODEL (BAM).

BAP is a great project, ethically and humanly. The legacy Heiko wants to leave to the world of aquaristics and aquatic exploration – his great contribution to biodiversity knowledge.

BAP Expert Heiko Bleher
Heiko Bleher collecting at Jirijirimo together with Natasha Khardina.

We hope that YOU also will support the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project as Heiko Bleher and many other people in the aquatic world already do – hobbyists, scientists, professionals.

Take your place in the biotope world and contribute to the preservation of aquatic biodiversity, now, with BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project!