BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project wins InDemand

Dear BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project supporters, some great news about our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to support the first BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Database.
The campaign is ended and WE REACHED OUR GOAL! Went even further: we had 170% of support.
For this reason, Indiegogo AWARDED us with an EXTRA FUNDRAISING WINDOW of 6 months, where all our supporters can help us even more to finalize specific tasks, such as:

  • task nr 1: creating of the database structure
  • task nr 2: testing of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM AApp
  • task nr 3: digitalising Heiko Bleher’s analog archive
  • task nr 4: creating the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM App Kids
  • and many more

Thank you to everyone.
Spread the word and continue to support BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project!

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