TROPICAL – official sponsor of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project!

Who doesn’t know TROPICAL fish food? Maybe you don’t, but your fish deserve it!
Like the GEL-FORMULA that made its PREMIERE during the Interzoo 2018. This food will become one of the funniest and finest ways to get children involved into the fish passion!
TROPICAL is one the best known brands of the aquatic industry. And one of the first ones who recognized the potential of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project and in particular of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM App!
TROPICAL Poland is sponsoring the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM App in its test-run fase that will begin in June 2018.
This innovative App will provide correct and unique information about biotope research to aquariums lovers, professionals, schools and universities but also to pet shops and industry, certified by a few but real experts.
Thank you for your support!
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