ELOS Aqua Uno – Bacteria/Enzyme

AquaUno – Enzyme / Bacterial Complex

It is essential that a stable ecosystem is established in every aquarium, in order to avoid important maintenance interventions and in order to “naturally” reduce waste substances that could compromise the stability of the aquarium in a short time.




ELOS developed AquaUno because, no matter what system you have, the biological stability and health of an aquarium always depend on an adequate microorganisms culture within the filter and substrate.
ELOS A1-AquaUno has been developed not only to increase and build a good microorganism colony within the aquarium, but also to prevent the accumulation of organic matter resulting from fish waste and excesses in feeding. It also facilitates the establishment of the nitrogen cycle in new aquariums, thus facilitating the biological oxidation of ammonia into nitrites and then into nitrates, in order to allow the introduction of new animals, without compromising their health.
Use: after regular water changes, add 10 ml for every 50 liters of new water. In case of new preparation double the doses or use in combination with AquaUno Powder (capsules).
Available in various formats: 125ml (for 600lt), 250ml (for 1.200lt) and 500ml (for 2.400lt).