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BRAZIL Membership offers the access to the special compilation on Brazilian Amazon in the BAP Archive. It includes the aquatic research described in several BIOTOPEs IN NATURE (BIN), and the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM MODELs (BAM) based on this data and certified by BAP experts. They will guide you through the re-creation process of the original habitat in the aquarium to give your fishes the perfect HOME.

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Brazilian Amazon is a region where the most of the aquarium fishes are coming from. Large and dwarf cichlids, characoids and loricariids, killifish and tiny catfish that live under different conditions in different natural habitats today are kept in our aquariums.

To keep them healthy we must give them what they need according to their Nature. We should respect their biological and environmental needs to make them happy and reproduce. This is easy when we know their original biotope, when we learn about their societal and feeding habits. When we give them their niche.

To learn how to keep some of the most popular fishes from the Brazilian Amazon we created this compilation of BIN (BIOTOPE IN NATURE), BAM (BIOTOPE AQUARIUM MODEL), and articles that will help you to create the biotope tanks where your fish will feel at home. Get your online access to the BAP Archive with the SPECIAL BRAZIL EDITION (300 photos/60 pages) that includes:



7 ARTICLES:Miniature fishes from blackwater Aracà