DISCUS Membership #1

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DISCUS Membership offers the access to all the contents on Symphysodon species in the BAP Archive. It includes the aquatic research described in several BIOTOPEs IN NATURE (BIN), where discus fishes are found. The BIOTOPE AQUARIUM MODELs (BAM) based on this data and certified by BAP experts, will guide you through the re-creation process of the original habitat in the aquarium to give your discus the perfect HOME.

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The Discus is a very peculiar fish with an amazing reproduction biology. Since the very birth of the aquarium hobby this fish enjoyed popularity and growing interest to its natural variants and breeding forms. To learn how to keep the Heckel Discus, Green Discus, Blue and Brown Discus biotope correct get your online access to the BAP Archive with the SPECIAL DISCUS EDITION (150 photos/30 pages) that includes:

Rio Nanay near Iquitos
Lake Cuipéua, Amazon basin

Lower Rio Nanay, Peru
Discus from Lago Cuipéua, Amazon

Red-eye Green Discus from Rio Apaporis
The History of Discus – FIRST DISCOVERY (Part1)
The History of Discus – FIRST DISCOVERY (Part2)
Definitive Discus Guide: SPECIES & DISTRIBUTION
Definitive Discus Guide: HYBRIDIZATION IN NATURE
Definitive Discus Guide: NUTRITION IN NATURE
Definitive Discus Guide: MATES IN NATURE
Definitive Discus Guide: BIOTOPE AQUARIUM