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A special choice of 6 “must to have” publications on aquatic biotopes in Nature, fishes, plants, crustaceans, their discovery stories, and how to keep them biotope correct, plus 1 year ADVANCED Membership to BAP Database with unlimited access to the biotope content.

DiscusBook is a milestone for nature lovers, explorers, Amazon lovers, for those who want to know about the newest discus and other Amazonian discoveries About 100 biotopes and 600 species described in detail.

6 yearly issues:

ISSN 2038-971X | 116 pages | Limited edition

Free gift: ADVANCED Membership € 7.99/month

Complete access to BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Database to explore hundreds of BIOTOPES IN NATURE (BIN) and the related BIOTOPE AQUARIUM MODELS (BAM), researched and certified by BAP experts.

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DiscusBook01-06 Complete Set is full with prime photography exclusively by Heiko Bleher, Natasha Khardina and Aquapress Publishers, never published anywhere before.

One can find:

  • unique and truly new loricariid catfishes, from Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela;
  • discovery of new discus variants, new angelfishes and an overview of the 9 angelfishes recognized by Heiko Bleher throughout South America;
  • new discoveries in never before explored Amazon regions;
  • re-discoveries;
  • first conversation with breeders never interviewed;
  • authentic biotope aquariums for discus into the last detail;
  • journey’s to untouched Amazon regions unknown to white man and much more.

ISSN 2038-971X | 116 pages | Limited edition

ADVANCED Membership allows you to have the full access to ALL THE LOCATIONS registered in the BAP Map:

  • ALL the articles about aquatic exploration by the best authors with hundreds of photos
  • All BIOTOPES IN NATURE with GPS locations and detailed description of the original environment, fishes and plants collected in a precise location, other aquatic inhabitants, water parameters, substrate, data on ecology
  • All BIOTOPE AQUARIUM MODELS, the best possible replications of BIOTOPEs In NATURE (lake, creek, river), correct water type and chemical parameters, correct biological community, correct décor material
  • FISHES, list of alternative fish species to each BIN/BAM
  • PLANTS, list of alternative fish species to each BIN/BAM

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