ELOS AquaTest GH

GH Total hardness test

Elos AquaTest GH, created specifically for the aquarium, allows you to check with simplicity and precision the GH value. With the combined use of the KH and pH tests, also offered by Elos, both the buffer capacity and the pH value of the water to be tested can be checked at the same time.

  • Precise, thanks to the precision calibrated dispenser
  • Simple to use
  • Equipped with test tube and precision syringe
  • Convenient, thanks to the resealable packaging




Test for the measurement of GH – Total hardness test
All natural waters contain calcium and magnesium salts in dissolved form. These substances contribute to forming the hardness of the water. Total hardness is a unit of measurement that serves to indicate the sum of the calcium and magnesium ions dissolved in the water. Water with a low content of calcium and magnesium salts is called soft; if it contains a high percentage, it is instead defined as hard. The degree of water hardness is important for both fish and aquatic plants. A GH value similar to that of their original waters will be optimal for fish and plants and is an important prerequisite for their well-being. This is why it is good to constantly monitor the total hardness value in the aquarium.
In the freshwater aquarium it should oscillate between 3 ° and 16 ° dGH (German degrees of carbonate), with an optimal range between 4 ° and 10 ° dGH.
APPLICATION: Freshwater aquarium