ELOS AquaTest kH

KH Test on alkalinity – carbon hardness

Elos AquaTest KH, created specifically for the aquarium, allows you to easily and accurately check the KH value. With the combined use of the pH test, also offered by Elos, both the buffer capacity and the pH value of the water to be tested can be checked at the same time, which is also very important.

Accuracy: each drop corresponds to 0.5 dKH°




Test for the measurement KH – carbon hardness

Alkalinity is a unit of measurement that serves to indicate the buffer capacity of the water. It measures the amount of a multitude of anions such as carbonates, bicarbonates, borates and hydroxides dissolved in water. It characterizes the buffer capacity, that is the capacity necessary to maintain the pH value of water, whether it is sea or fresh. A stable pH value is optimal for fish and invertebrates and is an important prerequisite for their well-being.

For this reason it is good to constantly monitor the KH value present in the aquarium. In the marine water aquarium the alkalinity should oscillate between 7° and 10° dKH (German degrees of carbonate), in the fresh water one it should not fall below 3° dKH with peaks of 8-10° for aquariums of fish from East Africa.

  • Freshwater aquarium
  • Marine aquarium