ELOS AquaTest No3 HR

AquaTest No3 High Res

Nitrate HR ExpertLine – measures NO3 values between 0.015 – 4ppm

Alongside the similar ELOS Phosfate HR test, it constitutes the best system for fully controlling the level of nutrients, thus allowing the risks listed above to be prevented in time.

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Certificate
  • Simple to use
  • Equipped with comparator
  • Double measuring range (0-1 ppm / 0- 4 ppm)




In nature, the zooxanthellae population is controlled by the level of nutrients (nitrates and phosphates) present in the water.

In the aquarium these often tend to accumulate leading to an excess of these unicellular algae and the darkening of the coral tissue. In modern reef aquariums, the control of zooxanthellae, through the reduction of nutrients (nitrates and phosphates), is the best way to obtain the natural color of corals.

Whether using microbiological methods or using more traditional methods, when using these systems it is good practice to constantly monitor the level of nitrates and phosphates.

ELOS AquaTest NO3 – HR is specially created to prevent this from happening.
Its precise colorimetric scale with DOUBLE RANGE, allows the reading of the level of nitrates in the range between 0 and 4ppm with a minimum reading in the presence of only 0.15 ppm of Nitrate.

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