ELOS AquaTest NO3

Test for the measurement of Nitrates in the aquarium

The ELOS AquaTest NO3, created specifically for the aquarium, allows you to check the NO3 value with simplicity and precision through the use of very precise reagents and an accurate colorimetric scale that adapts to nitrate concentrations between 5 – 75 mg / lt.

  • Precise, thanks to the precision calibrated dispenser
  • Simple to use
  • Equipped with test tube and precision syringe
  • Convenient, thanks to the resealable packaging




Test for the measurement of Nitrates in the aquarium
The term biological filtering refers to the natural process by which nitrifying bacteria detoxify the by-products of nitrogen transformation (nitrogen cycle). A first type of bacteria (Nitrosomonas) convert ammonia into nitrites, a second type of bacteria (Nitrobacter) in turn convert the Nitrites into the less harmful Nitrates. Nitrates are the final by-product of the so-called nitrogen cycle.
Many invertebrates, unlike what happens in fish, absolutely do not tolerate a high concentration of nitrates. It is therefore of fundamental importance, especially for marine aquariums populated by invertebrates, to constantly monitor this parameter. In freshwater aquariums, as well as in marine ones, the maximum nitrate level should be around 20 mg / lt (some fish tolerate levels of 75 mg / lt even if it is good to never reach this level) which will be reduced to 5. -10 mg / lt for aquariums populated by invertebrates.

  • Marine aquarium
  • Freshwater aquarium