ELOS Bottom Mineral

Fertilized substrate

Aquatic plants need rich soil to develop their roots and grow healthy. Enriched with slow-release macro & microelements such as iron, boron, zinc, manganese and other trace elements, ELOS Bottom Mineral promotes the growth and rooting of the most delicate aquatic plants.

Selected from an ancient natural site, its porosity allows the roots to cling to the substrate. The conformation also stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria that promote healthy growth of aquatic plants. Its use as a fertilized substrate, under our basic fsoils, provides a slow, but constant release of nutrients for at least 12 months.




Bottom Mineral

Use: Spread ELOS Bottom Mineral on the entire base of your aquarium. Then cover with a layer of at least 3-5cm of ELOS Terra (or sand).

Dosage: 5Lt. of ELOS Bottom Mineral are sufficient for about 100 lt. of aquarium water. The best results are obtained when used in combination with ELOS AquaUno POWDER and with ElosCelsio, a bottom heating cable. After 8-12 months, reconstitute the substrate nourishment using ELOS Terra Uno fertilizer capsules.

Packed: 5 L.