ELOS Sv1 Extruded Food Small

Sv1 – Complete food for small fish

ELOS Sv1 has a particle size suitable for small fish such as: Guppy, Characins etc. It is an innovative food, free of dust, without surface oils, also ideal for automatic feeders. Its use will avoid the formation of a superficial film and will keep the water cleaner.





  • preserved through proper packaging rather than polyphosphates
  • the vitamins are implemented to the grains in a peculiar vacuum chamber. When the suction is activated the vitamins are sucked into the granule. This increases the nutritional value of the food and at the same time reduces the spread of oil in the aquarium
  • include Beta Glucan Probiotics to boost the immune system. Beta Glucan is proven to improve immunity and successfully strengthen resistance to bacteria, viruses and parasitic infections.

Freshwater aquarium
Marine aquarium

Weight: 65gr, 500gr.

EAN Code: 8027876001117