ELOS Terra Brown – Small

ELOS Terra is the modern answer that perfectly simulates the conditions of tropical substrates. ELOS Terra is a pure and natural material that is collected in a prehistoric hydrogeological basin. It is selected and sieved by hand and then sterilized to offer the ideal characteristics for the cultivation of the most delicate aquatic plants. Thanks to the use of a special treatment, its natural characteristics are perfectly preserved.

In this way, aquatic plants will immediately find an ideal environment to grow and develop in the aquarium. In addition, ELOS Terra influences the characteristics of the water by retaining the suspended particles, reducing the level of KH and GH thus creating the typical characteristics of the natural basins of the Tropics, making the use of osmosis water useless.




TERRA BROWN – Natural substrate, S-size

The bottom of tropical streams and rivers is composed of a porous and soft substrate where the delicate roots of aquatic plants find a perfect home and an ideal habitat for their growth. Up to now, in the aquarium dedicated to the cultivation of plants, mixtures of mineral rocks of various components and granulometries have been used. The maintenance and breeding of the most delicate species were exclusive to a few enthusiasts who prepared their own mixtures for the bottom and were hardly willing to disclose them.

Key features 

  • soil of tropical origin (allophanic sands), enriched with micro fertilizing elements
  • favors the rooting and growth of tropical aquatic plants thanks to its composition
  • naturally soft consistency, it promotes rooting avoiding the compaction of the bottom
  • helps to lower KH and GH
  • keeps the water crystal clear
  • available in two grain sizes
  • creates an ideal environment for the breeding of bottom fish: corydoras, loaches, gobies, etc.

Packed: 5 L. / 9 L.