NEWA Mirabello 40

FULLY EQUIPPED AQUARIUM: includes all components required to recreate and maintain optimal conditions for the life of the aquarium’s inhabitants. Includes: NEWA DUETTO REPTO, an internal filter which includes an aerator and large container, where all types of desired filtering materials can be placed; NEWA THERM ECO heater, accurate and reliable, and ensures that the temperature is maintained for the natural habitat of choice; a high-quality LED lighting system, fully insulated from the water and able to guarantee an extremely effective light supply for a long service life. The brightness of the LEDs ensures continuous growth of flora and the well-being of the accommodated animals.




DESIGN: the refinement of its basic, modern lines, underscored by a new backlit lid, allows NEWA MIRABELLO to fully integrate into all types of furnishings, enhancing the magnificence of the natural scenery it houses.
ADJUSTMENT: the lighting system in NEWA MIRABELLO aquariums is controlled by touch controls to adjust the dawn/dusk effect and the light intensity of the LEDs, both during the day and at night. The integrated timer is easily programmable for the highest degrees of personalisation.
2 FILTERS FOR OPTIMUM FILTERING EFFICIENCY: NEWA MIRABELLO is equipped with the NEWA MIRA FILTER, a complete and efficient internal filter with a number of interchangeable cartridges to guarantee exceptional filtration (mechanical, chemical and biological). The NEWA DUETTO REPTO, housed internally, can be used to further enhance biological or chemical filtration by the inclusion of resins or other NEWA Aqua filtering materials.
EASY CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: Simply open the aquarium lid to access all parts of the filter. The interchangeable cartridges are easy to replace without even getting your hands wet.
SAFE AND RELIABLE: 4 mm-thick glass tank, sealed with high-quality silicone. Each tank and electrical accessory is checked, tested and manufactured according to the highest international safety standards.