NEWA More caridinae 20

All NEWA More aquariums feature a completely revolutionary patented “filtering system”, which in a single unit, includes everything required for the life of aquarium inhabitants.




DESIGN: the outline refinement and  compact dimensions allow NEWA More aquariums to perfectly match to any kind of furniture, enhancing the brilliancy of the natural scenarios built up.

EFFICIENT CONDITIONING: the precise and reliable NEWA Therm eco heater ensures keeping  of the temperature necessary to recreate the desired natural habitat.

EASY MAINTENANCE: NEWA More aquariums are provided with a powerful corner filter with disposable cartridges, easy to replace without getting your hands wet. An efficient “over-flow” system  guarantees safe functioning even in case of choked cartridges.

HIDDEN POWER CORDS: paying utmost attention to details, NEWA More filter is designed with a strain relief system and a corner unit putting together the power cords in an orderly manner.

SAFE AND RELIABLE: Pure plate glass tank sealed with high quality silicone. Each aquarium tank and each electrical appliance is inspected, and manufactured in compliance with the rigorous international safety regulations.

LIGHTING: All  NEWA More aquariums are provided with high quality LED able to guarantee a contribution of light absolutely efficient for a long duration. The brightness of the white and actinic LED ensures a constant growth of the plants and the welfare of the aquarium inhabitants.

ON/OFF SYSTEM AND TOUCH TIMER: NEWA More aquariums’ lighting system is controlled by switches with touch control to adjust the dawn/dusk effect and also the luminous intensity. The built-in timer can be easily programmed for maximum customization.