BASIC Subscription €45,00/year

59,88 45,00 / year

Get your BASIC subscription and explore hundreds of BIOTOPES IN NATURE (BIN) and their related BIOTOPE AQUARIUM MODELS (BAM), researched and certified by BAP experts.

*Note for USA subscribers: Price is 49.92US$/year. Subscription is renewed automatically every year. It can be cancelled at any time from “My Profile/My subscription” before the date of renewal.


The BASIC Subscription allows you to have access to ALL THE LOCATIONS registered in the BAP Map:

  • All BIOTOPEs IN NATURE with GPS locations and detailed description of the original environment, fishes and plants collected in a precise location, other aquatic inhabitants, water parameters, substrate, data on ecology
  • All BIOTOPE AQUARIUM MODELs, the best possible replications of BIOTOPEs In NATURE (lake, creek, river), correct water type and chemical parameters, correct biological community, correct décor material
  • FISHES, list of alternative fish species to each BIN/BAM
  • PLANTS, list of alternative fish species to each BIN/BAM

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