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BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project publishes weekly unique data on BIOTOPE IN NATURE (BIN). All the data are related to the real collecting events involving GPS tracking, and document biotopes that provide a living space for biological communities of FISHES, PLANTS and INVERTEBRATES.

The BIOTOPE AQUARIUM MODELS (BAM), are based on BIN data, aiming to replicate the ecological conditions of lake, creek or river areas with their water type, chemical parameters, and correct décor material. Weekly ARTICLES present results in aquatic research, discoveries and adventures.

Biotope in Kerala, India

It’s your turn

Biotope Science aims to involve all aquarists in the local aquatic evironments research. Everyone can become a biotope scientist no matter the occupation, age or location – all that is needed is a passion for Nature and the willingness to get involved.

Explore what kind of amazing creatures are swimming, crawling and thriving out there!



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The raising interest in biotope aquariums, thanks to the motivation of the aquarium hobbyists to create the accurate biotopes, is producing a cultural shift in the hobby, which is substantially raising awareness for conservation of the freshwater habitats.

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