BAP Consulting promotes a new concept of aquarium design based on field experience, conservational principles and attention to the real biological needs of the aquarium inhabitants

Channa barca, Assam, India. ©BAP, photo N. Khardina

Altogether BAP experts have done consulting work for over 100 years. Our experts are the best in advising how to set-up any biotope aquarium tank, from 30L to the volume of several thousand litres.

BAP experts work directly with customers to recreate exact BIOTOPES IN NATURE (BIN) for shows or public exhibitions. We can work closely with your design and life support system team and support you in your exhibit goals.

Our mission is to provide public and private aquariums, museums and science centres with ecologically accurate, up to date and reliable information about freshwater and brackish water exhibit concept development, exhibit design, life support system design, species selection and aquatic animal husbandry.

Potamotrygon sp., Xingu, Amazonas. ©BAP, photo N. Khardina

BAP experts’ extensive background of knowledge of natural freshwater ecosystems comes from more than 50 years of field research, breeding activity, international publication business, combined with collaborations with public aquaria around the world. This gives BAP a very unique and incomparable insight into developing naturalistic, functional and ecologically accurate aquariums when working on exhibitions.

Be it a blackwater habitat, waterfall flora and fauna, small rainforest creek or an Amazon’s area, BAP experts will work with your exhibit design team to develop biotope aquaria from any continent of the highest standard.

Iranocichla hormuzensis, Iran. ©BAP, photo N. Khardina

In terms of technology and equipment, modern freshwater aquaria are very different from their predecessors. With an increasing emphasis on whole, living ecosystems, life support systems (LSS) for these exhibits have developed in complexity and intricacy.

From adequate water quality standards, to lighting, to water motion, BAP experts can provide the necessary information to meet your LSS requirements, or they can work with your LSS company to develop the appropriate systems.

Doryichtys boaja, Thailand. ©BAP, photo N. Khardina

BAP experts develop species lists for freshwater biotope aquarium systems that perfectly resemble their related Biotopes in Nature (BIN). With their extensive experience and background, BAP experts can develop species lists for fish and invertebrate exhibits that are ecologically accurate, appropriate for exhibit size and life support system capacity, mainly considering the species compatibility and their size as fully grown adults.

BAP has built an extensive list of contacts in the aquarium fish and plants trade all around the world. We can provide information about the appropriate suppliers depending on your desired specimens, in the desired quantities and, most importantly, assuring the highest quality and the highest ethical standards of delivery.

Garra cornuta, Karnataka, India. ©BAP, photo N. Khardina

Technical drawings require careful scrutiny to ensure their accuracy as for results. These drawings are often prepared by architects, life support system firms or exhibit designers who have limited knowledge of natural habitats and little experience in designing and maintaining complex freshwater systems.

Thanks to their experience derived from more than 50 years of field studies, BAP experts can quickly spot troublesome details and eliminate potential design flaws that could result in a failure for the exhibit public, the client and the aquatic inhabitants.

Anostomus anostomus. ©BAP, photo N. Khardina

The BAP Archive has an extensive library of images of species from tropical and temperate areas and ecosystems from around the world. We have all you need. Just email us!

With over 50 years of educational experience, many published books, and hundreds of published articles, BAP Consulting has the experience necessary to provide educational texts, exhibit labeling and support through educational interactive elements.

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Travancoria aff. jonesi, Chalakkudy river, India. ©BAP, photo N. Khardina

Given the complexity of today’s freshwater exhibits, it is perhaps not surprising that staff are often inadequately prepared to deal effectively with these systems.

With over 50 years experience in the business of freshwater aquaria and over 20 years experience in public aquarium exhibitions, BAP experts can provide exhibit staff with training materials, develop detailed maintenance schedules and tutor any staff.

Haplochromis cf. nirea, Victoria Lake. ©BAP, photo N. Khardina

BAP consulting has worked with several firms and institutions on a subcontract basis and we are more than happy to work with your exhibit team to provide our services as needed.

For further information on how we can collaborate to ensure the finest possible outcome for your aquatic exhibits, contact us via email with details of your project and how we can best assist you.

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