Presenting the top winners of the 4th edition of the Biotope Aquarium Contest (BAC2023), organized by the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project (BAP), an independent educational project that aims at motivating aquarists to study aquatic environments in their surroundings and then apply their knowledge by recreating those biotopes in their own aquaria.

The fundamental part of conservation presents environmental education and Citizen Science, in which the participants of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Contest make their important contribution to society by promotion of the natural biotopes – since they call attention to high-risk environments in the wild, introduce to the often unknown remote regions and endangered species.

Through participation in the competition BAC-contestants enrich the biotope community with their knowledge on BIOTOPES IN NATURE (BIN), BIOTOPE AQUARIUM MODELS (BAM), fishes (FISH) and aquatic vegetation (PLANT) in 8 categories:

BAP is gearing up for BAC2023 with a pre-registration announcement on April 20st, and opening the registration on May 20st. We invite you and all hobbyists that take great pride in creating natural-looking environments in their aquariums.

We challenge YOU to get involved in the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Contest (BAC2024)!

Our goal is to get our aquarium hobby as close as possible to its origins, the natural biotope. To be EDUCATED BY NATURE. Like the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project.

Want to take part in the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Contest? Pre-register here!

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