Evaluation Criteria

 The factors to be considered by the International Jury in order to assess the winners in the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Contest


Quality and reliability of the information about the original biotope

  • Description of the location: Environment; Terrestrial vegetation; Surrounding area; Treats to ecology incl. Photos/Videos. Note: the photos/videos of the natural biotope are an important visual support to understand the natural enviroment. Their quality does not influence the vote (in case, when the participant relies only on the Internet resources, and not on his personal research in the original biotope) – 5 points.
  • Variety of fish, invertebrates, plants mentioned in the biotope meet the specified category and biotope type – 5 points.
  • Description of the aquatic habitat: Water chemistry, Substrate, Riparian zone, Underwater landscape 5 points.
  • Bibliography/Sitography: quality of the resources – 5 points.


Variety and System’s viability – 20 points

  • Fishes, plants and decorations are selected properly to exist together for a long period of time in the aquarium: the aquarium size matches up with the species choice, their quantity and size.

Conformity to the BIOTOPE IN NATURE – 20 points

  • Decor in the aquarium look as close as possible to stones, driftwood, soil, and other natural elements in the biotope. Aquarium space is used effectively, each species has its niche. Decor elements and plants are placed according to the biotope.

Natural beauty – 10 points

  • The composition in the aquarium is balanced. The natural beauty of the biotope represented successfully. The accents are placed properly.

Quality and accuracy of the aquarium data – 10 points

  • The description of the tank, incl. external resources, is accurate and can guide other aquarists through the re-creation of a similar biotope models (BAM).

Visual support – 20 points

Quality of the visual support

  • Photo (clear, in focus, unmodified, not overexposed, clean front glass, hidden equipment).
  • Video (clear, in focus, eventually showing the characteristic behaviour of the inhabitants).
  • Graphic material (aquarium layout, etc…).

Note: The Jury evaluates only the underwater part of the aquarium. The part above water would affect the overall impression.

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