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A BIOTOPE AQUARIUM is the closest possible replication of the natural environment. A micro-ecosystem created in your home. It is a perfect symbiosis between scientific research and aquaristic passion.

Authentic. Unique. Alive.

Lago zabal, Guatemala. ©BAP, photo N. Khardina

+100 Million hobbyist!

The Aquarium Hobby is the 2nd most popular hobby worldwide after photography. The number of Biotopers, conservation concerned aquarists, and the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM community is continuously growing.

More Biotopers means a better world.

BAC 2016, Italy ©BAP, photo N. Khardina

Cultural shift in the hobby

Public awareness and active involvement of the aquarists brings together aquarists, scientists and policy makers in an effort to document and monitor the conditions of aquatic habitats, their inhabitants, water quality and possible introduction of alien invasive species that cause damage to native species, ecosystems and even to people.

Biotope movement is producing a cultural shift in the hobby, substantially raising awareness for conservation of freshwater habitats around the globe and forcing the aquatic industry to apply the eco-sustainable approach and social responsibility.

BIOTOPE AQUARIUM is focused on conservation of the species.


The BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Platform is aimung to become the Wikipedia of the aquarium hobby, a meeting point to provide correct and unique, certified-by-experts, information on BIOTOPES to aquarium lovers, professionals, schools, universities, pet shops and aquatic industry.

One of out goals is to involve children in the aquarium hobby – the most educational hobby on Earth! The aquatic world is where they learn to be part of Nature and not its consumers.

Get your children EDUCATED BY NATURE. With BAP.

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BAP’s main asset are BAP experts – scientists, explorers, professionals and experienced hobbyist who contribute with their engagement to make the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project real.

We count on an enormous, UNIQUE archive of photos, videos, articles, books and scientific records on authentic habitats.

Highly ethical unique content.



BAP is aiming to become the Wikipedia of the aquarium hobby – reference Nr. 1 in the freshwater ichthyological and lymnological research.

BAP developed and certified products will become the sale hits on the aquaristic markets.

Wikipedia and Amazon of the aquarium hobby.

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