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Clearwater part, Rio Orinoco, Venezuela

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Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of, Anzoátegui, Ciudad Orinoco

The 90L aquarium recreates a submerged stretch of forest in the Rio Orinoco. With lots of leaves, branches and wood, it looks like an underwater world in Venezuela. The fish feel very comfortable without plants and with lots of leaves. Since it is a freshwater tank, I only use the humic coloring of the leaves and the wood there.

The Cardinal Tetra offer the perfect contrast to the dark scape. A big focus here is also on the emersed part of the aquarium.

Submitted by
Benny Barthel
Approved by
Roberto E. Reis, Pablo C. Lehmann and Flávio Lima
8.1750736, -63.6625252
Geographical region
South America
Drainage Basin
Río Orinoco
River catchment
Llanos area
Water body type
Water body name
Rio Orinoco
Water body part
Flood plain
Water body course
Middle course
Water body: tributary of
Tributary name

Videos above and below water

Water Chemistry

Water information

Water type
Fresh water
Water color
Clear water
Water transparency
Concentration of sediments
Water temperature
28.5 °C
Water flow/curent

Chemical parameters

Dissolved Oxygen

Aquarium information

Aquarium description

Set-up date
October, 2022
Aquarium decoration

Dragon roots, branches, catappa bark, talawa roots and round creek stones make it look very natural. Due to the beige sand and the layer of a foliage, it is very natural in the water. With a little pebbles on the bottom it looks very nice.

It gets exciting in the emersed part. There many plants grow into the tank such as Monstera adanonsii, Epipremnum aureum, Chamaedorea elegans and Philodendron scandens. Many roots also getting from emerse into the tank. So it looks like a sunken forest.

The back of the aquarium is painted black. This gives you a nice depth effect when you look at the aquarium.
With the spot lighting, I simulate sunbeams and that looks very natural, I think.

Fish list:

  • Paracheirodon axelrodi (Characidae)
  • Hypancistrus sp. L201 (Loricariidae)
Aquarium equipment
  • JBL e902 filter filled with Siporax
  • JBL e300 external heater
  • JBL PH Controller
  • Osmounity Reverse Osmosis System 330 GPD for best water
  • 2x LED aquaristik SpotBEAM Plant mix Lights for almost natural lightning
  • Schego 850 Optimal Air Pump 250L/h
Fish care

In order to offer the fish the perfect habitat, I place a lot of value on the water parameters. With a pH value of less than 6.0 and an undetectable hardness with a conductance of 130ms/cm, the animals feel very comfortable.

With a balanced diet (live food, frozen food, granules) they have a very nice color and feel very comfortable. The 30 fish share the 90L tank and love it. By adding humic substances which have an antibacterial effect, I am sure that you are doing very well. The animals really like the temperature of 28°C.

I also built many hiding places for the L201 Hypancistrus catfish with roots and stones. They like to live in them. At night when it gets dark they come out to eat.

Plant care

No plants in it, only emerse ones.

Water care

I check the water with a pH controller. The aquarium is open, I have to top up the water every week. At the same time, I also carry out a change of at least 20 percent. I do it all with reverse osmosis water.

It is very important to me that no pollutants end up in the biotope. In addition, an air pump runs continuously in the aquarium so that the fish always have enough oxygen to live at the high temperature.


76.5 cm
39 cm
30 cm
88 L

Substrate in aquarium

Stone form
Submerged terrestrial vegetation