Ad Konings

Book author, Cichlid expert, explorer and aquarist

Born on January 11th 1956, in Roosendaal, Netherlands.
BAP Expert Ad Konings

Ad Konings – author, aquarist, ichthyologist, speaker, photographer and publisher. Ad developed early in his life a strong love and passion for cichlids, which he has been keeping since he was 14 years old.

Ad studied medical biology at the University of Amsterdam. In the 1980s, he started to write books and breed Tanganyika Cichlids. In 1991 Ad founded his publishing company, Cichlid Press.

Ad devotes his life to his family and cichlids, travelling everywhere to observe and photograph them in their natural habitat. Since 1996, he lives and works in the USA. Cichlid Press is a family company where the travelling, planning, photographing, diving, writing, layout, pre-press, publication, and book distribution is done by Ad and his wife Gertrud.

He works as an editor on the best cichlid site on the web, Together with Jay Stauffer, Ad started the Stuart M. Grant Cichlid Conservation Fund in 2007 trying to protect the Malawi cichlids from over-fishing.

During his scientific carieer, Ad described many new cichlid species in the following genera: Chindongo, Cynotilapia, Metriaclima, Tropheops, Copadichromis, Aulonocara, Pseudotropheus, Sciaenochromis, Otopharynx, Iodotropheus.

Ad’s most recent books are:

  • Malawi Cichlids in their natural habitat. 5th Edition
  • Tanganyika Cichlids in their natural habitat. 3rd Edition
  • The Cichlids of Lake malawi National Park
  • Tropheus in their natural habitat
  • Malawi Peacocks – Aulonocara
Expert in the following geographical regions:
  • Africa
Expert in the following fish groups:
  • Perciformes: Cichlidae