Francesco Denitto

Italian researcher, marine and freshwater ichthyologist and zoologist

Born on April 29th, 1970, in Mesagne, Italy
BAP Expert Francesco Denitto

Francesco Denitto got his Ph.D. in Fundamental Ecology at the University of Salento, Italy. Here he worked as a researcher at the Laboratories of Marine Biology, Zoology and Zoogeography. Francesco contributed to a significant number of articles published on various peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Also, as an aquarium hobbyist, Francesco participated as a scientific expert and speaker to international events to share his experience on aquatic biodiversity. As a Discus expert, he also participated as a judge to Discus Shows around the world. He published numerous articles on aquarium matters for Italian and international publications and contributed also to the drafting of two aquarium bestsellers, respectively in 2007 (Trophy Discus. Cichlid Press ed., USA) and 2012 (Discus: Allevamento, Selezione, Etologia. Le Guide Pratiche Ed., Italy). Francesco is also the founder and, since 2000, the Secretary of a non-profit Italian aquarium association, the “Gruppo Acquariofilo Salentino”.

Nowadays, while maintaining his collaboration with institutes of research, Francesco works as an independent scientific consultant on marine biology and aquatic environments matters, aquarium concept and management.

Expert in following geographical regions:
South America, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Africa, Southeastern Asia