Frans Vermeulen

Photographer, autodidact ichthyologist, killifish expert

Born on September 10, 1949, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
BAP Expert Frank Vermeulen

During the last 3 decades, the addiction to explore natural Killifish-biotopes forced Frans Vermeulen to venture repeatedly into little-explored and virtually unknown regions of Central and South America. As an autodidact in ichthyology, he has developed the knowledge needed to appreciate and describe the novelties that he discovers in these biotopes.

Among the élite group of killi enthusiasts, Frans Vermeulen’ s encyclopedic knowledge and outstanding photographic skills bring us robust works, like his huge website and fully colored book series that are unique contributions to the ichthyology of a continent and visual treats that will command the attention of all who loves fishes.

But exploring the remote localities where our aquarium fishes originate from is not given to everyone… This new BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project website & app however will lead all who are interested in aquatic life and natural habitats in particular – to learn more about these wonderful places on earth.

Expert in following geographical regions:
Caribbean, South America, Central America
Expert in following fish groups:
  • Cyprinodontiformes