Gireg Allain

Author, aquarist & Editor of the French magazine AQUAmag

Born on August 18, 1972, in Enghien-Les-Bains, France
BAP Expert Gireg Allain

Gireg Allain has been a passionate aquarist for 40 years, with a background in biochemistry and molecular biology. After working in stores and wholesalers, he practiced all the various aspects of the hobby and then turned to publishing.

Chief editor and author of many articles and books, Gireg created Animalia Editions in 1999, a publishing company specializing in pets that are a little… weird! In addition to more than 120 catalogue titles, Animalia éditions publishes 3 specialized magazines, Reptilmag, AQUAmag (freshwater) and most importantly Zebrasomag, the magazine specific to marine and reef aquariums.

Gireg started marine aquaria at the age of 13 and began breeding some fish (seahorses, clowns, apogons…). Soon after, he began focusing more on the maintenance and multiplication of corals, following the very rapid evolution of new techniques in this area. He has designed many marine aquariums by making the decor as light as possible to make them closer to the natural environment. Today his aquariums are made taking into account all the interactions of life, from microfauna to fish.

Gireg regularly participates in the writing and proofreading of the magazine Zebrasomag.

Expert in following geographical regions:
Western Europe (France)