Greg Martin

Professional Aquarist and Naturalist

Born on 5th August 1968, in Melbourne, Australia
BAP Expert Greg Martin

Greg Martin was born in Melbourne Australia in 1968 and starting keeping fish at age 9 – first fish were Swordtails, Mollies, Guppies and a few Tetras. Has kept fish continuously since then.

Greg was introduced to Australian Rainbowfish in the early 1980’s by a friend and then kept Melanotaenia splendida for a number of years.

In 2002 Greg formed Aquariums By Design and since then this company has been commissioned to build aquatic habitats for Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Zoo and the CSIRO’s Murray Darling Freshwater Research Institute in Aubrey Wodonga. They also specialise in Aquaculture systems and have done extensive installations for the Victorian Government’s Department of Primary Industries pest aquatic weed eradication research facility at Latrobe University, Victoria.

Aquariums By Design builds, installs and looks after aquariums of all sizes, ponds (often featuring native Australian fish), frog habitats and has recently begun building Paludariums for clients.

Greg joined ANGFA in 2004 and became President of ANGFA Vic in October 2017. Greg Martin produced the ANGFA Victoria newsletter VicNews from June 2013 until it became ANGFA News in February 2017. Greg has been doing the Design and Layout of Fishes of Sahul, ANGFA flagship magazine since September 2015.

He also wears the hat of field trip officer for ANGFA Vic and has been working in closely with Native Fish Australia, Aquasave Glenelg Nature Trust, North Central Catchment Management Authority in Victoria and the Shire of Greater Bendigo on a number of conservation projects involving small-bodied native fish.

Greg, on behalf of ANGFA Victoria has spent a week each year surveying for fishes in north North West Tasmania for the last 6 years, in an effort to help build a picture of the fishes fauna of this unique area for the Atlas of Living Australia and to help build a case for the preservation of the Tarkine Wilderness from exploitation from mining and timber harvest.

Greg has travelled through many parts of eastern and northern Australia visiting dozens of unique fish habitats and seeking inspiration for better ways to exhibit Australian fishes in Aquaria.

Greg currently keeps a range of Australian native fish, snakes, spiders and frogs.

Expert in the following geographical regions:
  • Australia and Oceania