Jairo Arroyave

Ichthyologist and evolutionary biologist

BAP Expert Jairo Arroyave

Jairo Arroyave is an ichthyologist and evolutionary biologist broadly interested in all aspects of fish biology. His research has primarily focused on the molecular systematics and historical biogeography of tropical freshwater fishes, particularly of African characiforms.

During his Fellowship years (2007-2015) at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, he worked on the following fish families: Astroblepidae, Alestidae, Distichodontidae, Cichlidae, and Cyprinidae.

More recently, after joining the Instituto de Biología at UNAM in Mexico, Jairo’s research program has expanded into novel geographic territories and evolutionary scales, namely, the study of freshwater fishes associated to Mesoamerican karstic systems from a microevolutionary (phylogeography/population genetics) perspective. Currently, apart from his research and editorial responsibilities, Jairo Arroyave teaches both undergraduates (Ichthyology) and graduate-level students (Systematics) at his home institution, UNAM.

Expert in the following geographical regions:
  • Central America, Africa
Expert in the following fish groups:
  • Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae
  • Characiformes: Alestidae, Distichodontidae
  • Perciformes: Cichlidae
  • Beloniformes: Adrianichthyidae