Klaus M. Stiefel

Marine Biologist and Neurobiologist

Born in 1972, in Vienna, Austria
BAP Expert Klaus Stiefel

Klaus M. Stiefel is a biologist, science writer and underwater videographer & photographer originally from Vienna, Austria. Dr. Klaus M. Stiefel has had an extensive education around the world, where he did his undergrad at the University of Vienna (Microbiology, 1998) and his doctorate at the University of Vienna and the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt (zoology, 2002). Research stints in California (The Salk Institute), Japan, and Australia (University of Western Sydney) followed.

This only fuelled his love and passion for the ocean. He has dived and photographed a smorgasbord of amazing sea life, from California to Australia and Asia. He currently teaches on fish and coral reef biology as an adjunct professor at the Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences at Silliman University of the Philippines.

Klaus is currently based in the Philippines as a scuba instructor, underwater photographer, author and independent scientist. He is affiliated with the Neurolinx Institute based in La Jolla, CA, USA. Klaus has published in neuroscience, fish biology, and in philosophy of science. In fish biology,  Klaus’ interests are fish evolution, fish social systems, the fish escape reflex and goby biodiversity.

His latest popular science books “The Lives of Gobies” (Asian Geographic, Singapore) and “Your Brain on Diving” (Hübner, Hamburg) were published in 2022. Previously Klaus had published “Gehirn Extrem” (Hübner, Hamburg).

Expert in the following geographical regions:
  • Australia and Oceania
Expert in the following fish groups:
  • Gobiiformes: Gobiidae