Michael Salter

Aquarist, biotoper and Biotope Aquarium Contest judge

Born on July 18th, 1973, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
BAP Expert Michael Salter

Michael Salter studied anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). For 30 years now has been an avid aquarist. Starting the hobby with the standard community aquarium with angelfish and tetras, Michael later began experimenting with “themed” tanks with only South American fishes, or West African fishes.

As a teenager, he worked in the largest aquarium shops in his birth city, getting more exposed to the culture and community of the hobby. Recently, Michael Salter discovered the concept of authentic biotopes through Heiko Bleher and his articles, and was hooked!

Since then, he has maintained several West and Central African biotope aquariums, acted as judge for several years in a biotope aquarium contests, and done a collecting expedition in Cameroon.

Michael has also filmed a number of biotopes underwater in Cameroon and Thailand. Currently, he is an admin of the Facebook group BIOTOPE AQUARIUM and runs his own group, Mormyrid Keepers.

In the growing biotope community, Michael Salter is known as an experienced biotoper, Biotope Aquarium Contest Judge, and Mormyriid expert.

Expert in following geographical regions:
West Africa, Central Africa, Southeastern Asia (Indonesia, Thailand), South America
Expert in following fish groups:
  • Mormyriformes