Mikael Håkansson

Aquarium fish specialist, biotoper, aquarium business adviser

Born in November 19, 1959, in Trollhättan, Sweden
BAP Expert Mikael Håkansson

Mikael Håkansson started working with aquarium fishes when he was 15 year old, in 1975. For 11 years, he has run his own petshop business.

Since 1995, Mikael has been working as import and wholesale manager at Imazo Fish House, that operates about 5000 aquarium.

Mikael has made more than 30 different fishing trips around the world: more than 15 fishing trips to Indonesia, more than 10 to South America and 2 to Africa.

Mikael Håkansson is a member of The Board of Advisers of OFI (Ornamental Fishes Industry).

Expert in following geographical regions:
Southeastern Asia (Indonesia), South America (Amazon region)