Sujoy Banerjee

Aquarist, amateur ichthyologist, IT specialist, database expert

Born on February 12, 1970, Kolkata, India
BAP Expert Sujoy Banerjee

Sujoy Banerjee  is a keen aquarist from India and has been in the hobby from a very early age. He was influenced and introduced into the hobby by his grandmother, who in the early 70s had two large aquariums in their ancestral house in Kolkata (Calcutta). Sujoy spent considerable time in different parts of India, like Ranchi (Jharkhand), Baroda, and Mumbai, before moving to Kolkata, were he lived for most of his childhood and as a young adult. He started keeping fishes from a very early age, and Mumbai and Kolkata gave him the opportunity to explore the hobby.

While in Kolkata, which is a city with many small ponds and lakes, he was able to keep many native fishes, especially the barbs, badis, glass fish, shrimps etc. This also introduced him to many native plants like Vallisneria, Hornwort, Mosquitofern, Duckweed, waterclover, various Nymphaea which were plenty in the lakes near his house.

Over a period of time, he had a deep interest in native fishes and aquatic plants. When he moved to Delhi, he was able, along with fellow peer aquarist, to explore the hill stream rivers of the Himalayas. He explored, recorded and documented several described and undescribed fishes from these uncharted waters. He developed a keen interest in Himalayan Hill stream fishes, especially the Balitoridae, and had several biotope aquariums where he kept these fishes to breed them. Along with the other members of the Indian Aquarium Hobbyist, as Pan India Freshwater fishes discussion forum, he went out to explore the Kumaradhara river, where the Etroplus canarensis is recorded.

He also has a keen interest in Ichthyology and over the years he has collected many Ichthyology books and references. As a naturalist, he feels that in the environment we are loosing freshwater due to climate change or deforestation, and that it is essential to explore the rivers and streams to document all the fishes and animals that live there. Besides, he thinks that it is important to take these fishes to the hobby, so that they will eventually be bread and protected through it. He believes, as a step towards that fulfilment, the BIOTOPE App database to be a forward project. It will help to document fishes and biotope parameters, to upload pictures, essential biotope data including water parameters, peer group fishes, crustaceans, and aquatic plants in a real time environment. It can also be used as a monitoring tool to report environmental degradations, habitat loss etc.

Sujoy currently lives in Adelaide, South Australia and he is professionally employed in the field of Information Technology. He is a member of the ANGFA and he is currently keeping native Australian fishes and hill stream loaches.

Expert in following geographical regions:
South Asia (India)
Expert in following fish groups:
  • Cypriniformes: Balitoridae