Sun Kai

Biotoper and natiralist

BAP Expert Sun Kai

Sun Kai aquaristic activities:

– Aquatic Gardeners Association, Inc. (AGA) 2018 – Biotope champion
– Biotope Aquarium Design Contest (BADC) 2018 – second Place
– China Biotope Aquarium Contest (CBAC) 2018 – 3rd place
– China Biotope Aquarium Contest (CBAC) 2019 – 4th place
– Qingdao Marine Conservation Society, Vice Chairman
– Since 2009, Teacher of Ocean University of China, representing Aquascaping Societies
– Founder of the Tengwen Aquascaping Studio, in 2009
– Several times a year travels to the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia for nature exploration, and crosses all over Southeast Asia to find inspiration for natural aquascaping
– Have traveled to Japan and Singapore many times to visit aquariums and natural museums to explore the best way to combine aquarium and nature

Expert in the following geographical regions:
  • Eastern Asia
  • Southeast Asia