The bank of Bai River, Huairou District, China

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China, Huairou District, Beijing

The White River is where the Black River and the Liuli River merge and is following all year round. The water surface is nearly 50 meters wide.

Water body data (measured in 2021.6.6): water temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius and water depth is 20cm-2m, with 7.1 pH and 8 GH.

Submitted by
Nan Li
Approved by
Fan Li & Zhou Hang
40.3199997, 116.6299973
Geographical region
Eastern Asia
Drainage Basin
Bai river
River catchment
Water body type
Water body name
A tributary of Bai river
Water body part
Water body course
Water body: tributary of
Tributary name

Videos above and below water

Water Chemistry

Water information

Water type
Fresh water
Water color
Clear water
Water transparency
Concentration of sediments
Water temperature
25 °C
Water flow/curent

Chemical parameters

8.0 mg/l
Dissolved Oxygen

Substrate in nature

Stone form
Submerged terrestrial vegetation

Aquatic Biotope

Date of collecting
June 6, 2021
Collecting area
River bank
Water depth
Air temperature
30 °C


Affected by human activity
Affected by human activity
Surrounding area

The White River tributary I recorded is located in the natural scenic area of Huairou White River Bay in Beijing, about 100 kilometers from the Beijing urban area. The Scenic area has a green vegetation coverage rate of more than 90% with lush trees, fresh air, clean water quality and little polution. The climate is pleasant, with a high day and night temperature difference. The average annual temperature in the area is between 7-13 degrees Celsius, with the rainy season from June to September and the dry season from October to January.

Underwater landscape

This section of Bai River is about 30-50 meters wide and 20cm-2m deep. The center of the river is filled with varying sizes of pebbles covered with algae. The bottom bed is sandy. The central area of the river has a rapid flow of water, which is clear and oxygen-rich. The flow of water in the shallow water area of the edge of the river is relatively slow, and the river bed there collected a thick layer of soil, which provides a growing environment for plants such as Nymphaea tetragona and Phragmites australis.


  • Rhynchocypris lagowskii
  • Sarcocheilichthys nigripinnis
  • Rhodeus ocellatus
  • Opsariichthys biden
  • Zacco platypus
  • Abbottina rivularis

Aquatic plants:

  • Myriophyllum hippuroides
  • Batrachium pekinense
  • Potamogeton crispus
  • Hydrilla verticillate
  • Potamogeton pectinatus
  • Potamogeton perfoliatus
  • Potamogeton wrightii

Wetland plant:

  • Phragmites australis
Threats to ecology

Beijing as the capital of China has a bustling city center. During the weekends, I prefer to go to the suburbs of Beijing for a chance to wind down and to observe the beauty of nature. Huairou White River Bay Scenic Area is always my first choice, since there exists a wealth of fish and aquatic living resources.

The habitat there is so beautiful that the moment the water laps over the camera, I can glimpse the mystery of another world. In order to capture the beauty of this habitat and to raise awareness for people to protect it, I created the habitat’s biome aquarium.

Comment by the expert

Fan Li: The fishes and system had not reached the good condition.

Zhou Hang: The BAM doesn’t have water current unlike in BIN. Zacco platypus is a top level swimmer but not in BAM, they were swimming at the bottom.