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Win your Rio Negro Expedition with Project Piaba!

Aquatic expedition to Rio Negro region sponsored by Project Piaba. ©BAP, photo N. Khardina

Become the BAC2023 RIO NEGRO winner and enjoy this unique winner prize – RIO NEGRO Expedition 2024  of a value of 3500US$ sponsored by Project Piaba, International NGO active since 1992. Project Piaba is focused on sustainable fisheries and promotes the sustainable trade in wild-caught aquarium fish, encouraging people to safeguard both rivers and forests – and all the creatures they harbor.

In 2023, the Project Piaba partnered with the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Contest to raise awareness among the aquarium community about the ecological and social situation of the Rio Negro region and its habitats, promoting the aquatic biodiversity of this region.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to visit the natural habitats of the Rio Negro and meet the fishermen who collect these fish for the global aquarium trade, particularly the Cardinal Tetra (Paracheirodon axelrodi).

Project Piaba researches this fishery to better understand and promote what arguably embodies the vision for “sustainability” when discussing wild aquarium fisheries — and now is your chance to see this fishery firsthand.

About Rio Negro Expedition

Aquatic expedition to Rio Negro region sponsored by Project Piaba. ©BAP, photo N. Khardina

Take part in the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Contest, South America category and enter your biotope aquarium replicating exclusively the Rio Negro biotope!

The winner of the best Rio Negro biotope will be awarded with a unique experience – 2 weeks on the live-aboard boat with experienced English speaking guides, visiting biological hotspots and local fishing communities along the way, traveling up the Rio Negro on board of a very well-equipped Amazon river boat, exploring the amazing diversity of the Amazon and encountering macaws, Amazon river dolphins, giant river otters, hundreds of fishes and even waking to the sound of howler monkeys.

The winner will interact with international specialists, Project Piaba’s Brazilian colleagues, visit ornamental fish export facilities and participate in the Ornamental Fish Festival of Barcelos.

The detailed description of such a Rio Negro Expedition organised by Project Piaba is presented on Project Piaba website, including the explanations on the Brazilian visa, roundtrip airfare and travel, rough expedition itinerary, packing list, additional expences (such as crew tip and bar drinks) and required personal skills.

Guidelines to win the Rio Negro Expedition

Aquatic expedition to Rio Negro region sponsored by Project Piaba. ©BAP, photo N. Khardina

Rio Negro biotopes must be entered in the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Contest, within South America category. Please read the general Guidelines and follow the Instructions.

Special requirements for the Rio Negro biotope aquarium:

  • Only private aquarists can win Rio Negro Expedition. No team-entries, no aquarium shop or public aquarium entries will be considered.
  • The Rio Negro biotope aquarium should contain 10 and more autochthonous fish species visible in the tank.
  • The aquatic vegetation, botanicals and substrate in the Rio Negro biotope aquarium should correspond to the natural habitat.
  • The project must be accompanied by detailed photos and videos – at least 20 high-resolution photos and an edited video showing all the inhabitants and their peculiarities.

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Support the Project Piaba

Project Piaba, partner of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Contest

Project Piaba is thanking its supporters who provide time, expertise, donations and financial support.

For traveling in groups, please contact:

Scott Dowd

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