EHEIM pHcontrol+e

Features of the EHEIM pHcontrol+e

  • A smart controller for monitoring and controlling the pH value in the aquarium by regulating the addition of CO2.
  • Includes Wireless WiFi connection with a WLAN-enabled end device (smartphone, tablet, PC/MAC).
  • Has connection and compatibility with devices of the EHEIM DIGITAL family.
  • Measures the pH value through the pH sensor (measuring range: pH 0 to pH 14).
  • Control range of the controller pH 6 to pH 9.
  • Needs to be coupled via pressure reducer with CO2 bottle (EHEIM CO2 set).
  • Electronically controls addition of CO2 through interposed magnetic valve.
  • Adjusts CO2 addition by linking with LEDcontrol+e (day/night control) in smart mode or simple and extended bio mode with own day/night control.
  • Queries the KH value (carbonate hardness) in advance.
  • Sets water test and calibration reminders.
  • Guided calibrations of the pH sensor.
  • Sends warning for deviation of pH value (up/down).
  • Notes if EHEIM pH sensor needs to be replaced.
  • Provides best performance, high power, stable connection, and large memory capacity through new improved chip generation
  • Highest safety and reliability – 3 years warranty




EHEIM pHcontrol+e – the smart controller for monitoring and readjusting the pH value in your aquarium.

With the EHEIM pHcontrol+e you can easily monitor and optimize the pH in your aquarium via a smartphone, tablet, or PC/MAC simply via a WiFi connection and your web browser. A pH sensor measures the current pH value of the water, and the pHcontrol+e automatically provides the necessary CO2 supply. By controlling the magnetic valve connected in series to the CO2 system it adds as much CO2 as required until the desired pH value is reached.

To achieve this you must connect your CO2 system, i.e., a CO2 bottle via pressure reducer as well as magnetic valve (see the EHEIM CO2 sets) and a CO2 diffuser. The pHcontrol+e has a day/night control and can be linked to the lighting control EHEIM LEDcontrol+e (see the EHEIM DIGITAL family).