Indian Ornamental Fishes


History, Distribution, Habitats and chemical water parameters of Indian Fishes
By Heiko Bleher

Included is a detailed account of the most important fishes for the ornamental aquarium hobby India’s Fishes, their beauty and uniqueness is shown in this book as never before in history.

About 500 species described in detail.


ISBN 978890973697 | 848 pages | Limited edition.

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Indian Ornamental Fishes, Volume 1 contains about 500 inland species listing all Indian members of the families:

Ophichthidae, Muraenidae, Moringuidae, Notopteridae, Clupeidae, Botiidae, Cobitidae, Baltoridae, Nemacheilidae, Psilorhynchidae and Cyprinidae

with all its subfamilies, the largest of all Indian fish species. One can find detailed and precise morphology, excellent colour photos of the species in Nature and aquaria, its juveniles comparing with similar species. There is also in detail the life colour description given of each and its variants, as well as similar species on 848 pages. Only 100 copies, a very limited edition, is available.


ISBN 978890973697 | 848 pages | Limited edition.

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