Dupla DuplaMatic

Product key features:

  • the feeder can be powered via integrated, rechargeable battery pack or directly via the mains
  • particularly safe during mains failures, as settings are saved and the battery pack lasts up to 12 weeks/approx. 300 feeding intervals
  • charging time from an empty battery: approx. 5 hours.
  • 16 large fillable compartments (approx. 60 ml total volume)
  • particularly easy to program for up to 6 feedings per day with freely selectable feeding times
  • feeding at the exact minute specified
  • various daily intervals for feeding can be programmed
  • suitable for granulated food, flake food and small food tablets
  • extremely easy to install with the flexible bracket or stand
  • very small and precise dosages of feed quantity possible
  • ideally suited for nano aquaria
  • the feed drum can be increased from 60 ml to 120 ml by adding another feed drum (optional accessory)




The DuplaMatic is a sophisticated microchip-controlled feeder which is particularly easy to use and program. The option to power the feeder via integrated, rechargeable battery pack or directly via the mains ensures fish in the aquarium are always well cared for. Even in the event of a power failure! Programmed settings will not be lost.

The 16 large compartments of the feed drum can be filled with a wide variety of food types, thus ensuring a diversified food supply even while you are on holiday. A long battery life means you can enjoy even an extended holiday without having to worry.