DUPLA Plant 24, 50 ml

Product key features:

Liquid daily fertilizer with iron and trace elements.

  • ideal nutrient combination for aquaria plants
  • promotes growth and appearance
  • rich in iron available to plants
  • prevents deficiency symptoms
  • light and oxygen stable
  • pH neutral and phosphate free
  • 1 tablet is enough for basic fertilizing of 20 litres of aquaria water
  • contents sufficient for 200 litres
  • optimum success in conjunction with Plant 24 and Duplarit




If plants are growing and blossoming in the aquarium, as well as water and light they need a very specific selection of nutrients. As the aquarium is an artificial habitat, however, these nutrients are not unlimited. The nutrients must be introduced from outside the biosystem. Dupla has created a coordinated system with the components Duplarit, Dupla Plant Basic and Dupla Plant 24, to enable you to continuously introduce nutrients to the aquarium without under-fertilizing or over-fertilizing. This contributes to the optimal plant growth and helps you avoid over-fertilization and algae problems.
How does the 4-component system work?
Duplarit specifically fertilize the substrate. The nutrients are stabilised and supplied to the roots but cannot be sapped from the water. Dupla Plant Basic is a base fertilizer, which contains all the necessary nutrients along with Duplarit and is added to the aquarium water. Dupla Plant 24 adds to the nutrients consumed by the plants every day.
General: For optimal plant growth, begin fertilization as soon as you set up the aquarium. You can achieve excellent results with the components Dupla Plant Basic and Dupla Plant 24 for your plants, but without Duplarit your aquarium plants won’t have active root fertilization.
Important note: Nutrient supply in aquaria may be negatively influenced by different parameters. This can lead to precipitation or cause bonds to be unstable and lead to decay. However, there should never be too many nutrients in the artificial biotope aquarium.
This would lead to big algae growth problems. For this reason, the concentration of the base fertilizer Dupla Plant basic has been selected so that the nutrients are very balanced and are adapted to the plants’ normal consumption. The daily fertilizer Dupla Plant 24 fulfils the role of extending the consumed nutrients in combination with Duplarit and Dupla Plant Basic. So it guarantees that the plants will not be under-fertilized or over-fertilized.