Professional CO2 fertiliser system with automatic CO2/pH control with refillable CO2 cylinder for vigorous & beautiful aquarium plants as well as the correct pH value

  • CO2 fertiliser system with automatic CO2/pH control to supply all aquarium plants in freshwater aquariums from 40-600 l ideally. A factory-fresh pH electrode must be purchased separately.
  • Simple assembly: screw pressure reducer onto cylinder, connect solenoid valve to CO2 control unit and hose to bubble counter/check valve as well as reactor. Attach pH electrode (not included). Set CO2/pH control unit.
  • No hose slippage thanks to hose screw connections, check valve prevents water from entering the cylinder. Pressure gauges show cylinder and working pressure. Pressure reducer fits disposable and refillable CO2 cylinders.
  • The CO2/pH Control unit measures the pH value (CO2-dependent) via the pH electrode (not included) and automatically regulates the CO2 supply via the solenoid valve until the ideal pH value with the correct amount of CO2 is reached.
  • Package contents: 500 g refillable CO2 cylinder & wall mount, pressure reducer with solenoid valve, CO2/pH computer, 3 m hose, bubble counter with check valve, TAIFUN CO2 reactor + extension set, 2x plant fertiliser 100 ml, 1x daily fertiliser 10 ml.




Nutrition for aquarium plants

Plants provide the aquarium with vital oxygen for your aquarium inhabitants, prevent algae growth, remove pollutants, provide hiding places and reduce pathogens. Plant fertiliser systems with CO2 cylinders supply the plants with the main nutrient CO2 through the water. The plants absorb this and convert it into sugar and oxygen in photosynthesis with the help of light.

Easy to install

Screw the pressure reducer onto the CO2 cylinder (also fits disposable cylinders (JBL U system) by unscrewing the connector nut), and connect it to the bubble counter (incl. backflow protection) and then to the reactor in the aquarium by means of a hose. CO2 thus enters the aquarium and is dissolved in the water with the help of the reactor. The solenoid valve is regulated by the CO2 control unit and only adds CO2 if the pH value is too high (pH value depends on CO2). This means that there is always the ideal amount of CO2 in the water.

Technical information

Inc. temperature sensor, modern graphic display with touchpad, sensor check during each calibration, error diagnosis during failed calibration, permanent display: pH actual/set value, sensor voltage, temperature, calibration reminder in days/hours, valve status, precision of measurement, set point adjustment: freely selectable or automatic calculation by means of auto pH, automatic temperature compensation during measuring and calibration, hysteresis freely selectable (upper and lower deviation from switching point), alarm function pH (alarm range), alarm function temperature (range and set point alarm), selectable valve status, language selection: D/BG/F/NL/I/DK/E/P, reset function, universal power unit suitable for all common mains voltages worldwide.

pH electrode

A pH electrode is NOT included in the set and needs to be purchased separately. This ensures that you do not receive an aged electrode in the set, but always a factory-fresh one!