Dupla CO2 Set complete 250

Product key features:

  • Complete CO2 fertilizing system for sumptuous and healthy plant growth.
  • Consists of CO2 Set 250 including 500 g CO2 depot.
  • Designed for aquaria up to 250 litres, the CO2-Set complete 250 consists of the following components: CO2 Armatur Pro The CO2 Armatur Pro is a pressure reducer with pressure-tight precision needle valve for finest and precise bubble count setting.
  • Now with integrated check valve to protect the armature against return water. Large, easy-to-read, working and cylinder pressure gauges. incl. overpressure valve.
  • CO2 Set 250 CO2 atomizer with glass frit and integrated bubble counter for optical control of the defined CO2 quantity.
  • Easy to install and operate.





CO2 Armatur Pro

  • high control accuracy through precision pressure reducer
  • finely adjustable operating pressure setting
  • pressure-tight fine precision needle valve for high-precision bubble count setting
  • incl. integrated check valve to protect the CO2 fitting

CO2 Depot

CO2 Atomizer

  • for CO2 release in aquaria up to 250 l
  • with integrated bubble counter and check valve

CO2 Permanent Test

  • easy to handle
  • easy to read
  • accurate indication of the pH range

CO2 Silicone Hose

Plant 24

  • daily fertilizer