Key features:

  • 360°rotation of the pump for an easy positioning according to custom exigences.
  • Fully custom set up of your tank controlling multiple pumps (either XStream SDC and Syncra SDC).
  • Controllability of the pump/s either by the App or directly by the Controller.
  • Magnet support with extra rubber to prevent vibrations. Magnet mounting for glass up to 20mm.






The XStream SDC propeller pump is the latest addition to the Cloud based family of interconnected Wi-Fi aquarium devices introduced by SICCE with SYNCRA SDC range. You can control the pump from using ContrALL App on you smartphone by choosing between several preset programs, create a custom program or schedule to suit the needs of their aquarium.
The App supplies real-time feedback on the pumps status and an alert system is activated in case of any issues being detected. As an option to controlling through the app, the water flow rate of the XStream SDC may also be adjusted directly using the attached controller. The Controller guarantees the use of the pump even if the WI-FI network is temporarily suspended or unavailable.