SICCE Shark Pro 900

Key features

  • Internal filter
  • Compact design
  • For aquarium tanks up to 260L
  • Multi stage modular filter basket
  • Multi-directional flow controller
  • Venturi system for improved oxygenation
  • Filter material for alternate cleaning included
  • An extra section for biological or chemical media
  • Quick access for cleaning
  • Magnet mounts




Shark Pro 900 internal filter

SICCE Sicce Shark Pro 900 is a new internal filter launching in May that will be the successor to the Sicce Shark internal filter first launched 30 years ago. This internal canister filter offers quick access for cleaning, multiple filter foams for alternate cleaning, an extra section for biological or chemical media, and a venturi for extra aeration.

Sicce has included all those essential features with Shark Pro plus a whole load more: the first extra is a magnet fixing instead of rubber suckers. The Shark Pro is rich in magnets however as the canister itself fastens to the powerhead by way of a magnet fitting for super fast disconnection.

Big media boxes with lots of large slots on the sides to prevent blocking. They’re modular so if you want to double the media capacity of your Shark Pro you can, just by coupling another module onto the one above, and you can add that all-important ceramic and/or activated carbon if desired.

There is the all-important multi-directional flow controller complete with venturi and you can adjust the flow up or down. What you won’t see though is a tiny spray bar built into the front of the head unit itself. So you can gain maximum gaseous exchange, but from zero spray bar pipework.

Three models are available for tanks from 40-260 litres. The filters have a maximum output of 500, 700, 900lph/132, 184, 238gph for 4, 7 and 10 watts respectively.