DISCUS: The History of Discus – FIRST DISCOVERY (Part 2)

By Heiko Bleher

It was an extraordinary day in the history of Austria – in two respects – when the State Chancellor and Foreign Minister, Prince Clemens Wenzel von Metternich, who in his day wielded considerable influence at the imperial court and on Kaiser Franz I (II), sampled the very first Sacher-Torte in Vienna. It was later to become the most famous cake in the world, and the hand-written recipe has remained a closely-guarded secret right up to the present day.

Round about the same time (1832), the assistant supervisor of the imperial natural history collection, and leader of the Austrian expedition to Brazil that had started back in 1817, became the first white man ever to handle a discus: the Austrian Johann Baptist Natterer. His fish was later (1840) described as Symphysodon discus by Jakob Heckel, along with many other species of fish discovered by Natterer…

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